Enduro da Figueira da Foz - CNE 2015 - Eventos

Enduro da Figueira da Foz - CNE 2015

24 maio 2015 Voltar
Last weekend was the 4th race of the Portuguese Enduro Championship in Figueira da Foz, near the Atlantic sea.
It was a really hard race as it was mainly sand terrain, which made it really hard for all the riders. The temperatures were really pleasant around the 25 celsius but with really strong winds.

There were 30 beta riders present in this race that counted for the Beta Trophy and overall we had good results, here with the final results:

- class Open:
6th place João Vivas- debut in the Beta Team
8th place Diogo Valença

- class Veteranos:
10th place Tony Carvalho
11th place Paulo Amado

- class Verdes 3:
3rd place Pedro Duarte
7th place Miguel Costa
8th place Marco Pereira
10th place Pedro Makelele
11th place Jose Pedro Pinto
12th place Paulo Veiga

- Class verdes 2:
10th place Alexandre Ferreira
13th place Andre Cabral
15th place Alexandre Ribeiro
17th place Hugo Batista

- class Hobby:
12th place Carlos Moreiras
22th place Rodrigo Belchior
28th place Hugo Fernando
30th place Rodrigo Martinho
37th place Rogerio Salada
39th place Jose Campos
42th place Tiago Ferreira
48th place Gerardo Antonio
56th place Rui Oliveira
60th place Joao Ferreira
63 th place Hugo Costa
67th place Clemente Dias

Beta Trophy:
1st place- Alexandre Ferreira
2nd place- Andre Cabral
3rd place- Pedro Duarte